NBA Live Mobile: Climbing to the top of Play Store

nba live mobile
Drifting on consoles, the franchise NBA Live returns on mobiles to try to rhythm our summer holidays on virtual floors. It is always EA Sports who is in the maneuver with this opus that has a real ambition: to become the reference of this sport on smartphones and tablets. So, objective achieved?

NBA Live Mobile offers 5-on-5 games as well as various events such as free throws or games where you have to dodge obstacles. At the beginning, the player will have to choose his team fetish before starting a career. Unlike episodes on console consoles, we are here in the presence of a deck of cards that will allow us, later on, to compose a formidable team by collecting boosters that contain basketball players and other bonuses. A solid strength is obtained provided to play for many hours because the title of EA Sports does not really give the impression of rewarding over the victories all more anecdotal than the others. Moreover, the economic model Free to play is a real hindrance to this simulation aspect that makes shine sports games at the present time. However, it is the gameplay that will make NBA Live Mobile a success or not.


nba mobileDevelopers have had to adapt to tactile surfaces with more or less success for this opus. Players control themselves via a virtual stick which, despite its ease of use, is sometimes imprecise. It is not uncommon to have trouble managing a basketball player and getting him to do exactly what we want. Other virtual buttons also appear depending on the different situations. When the player is in a defensive position, a button is used to mark the opponent with the ball while another player gives the opportunity to counter to carry out a counter attack. In this case, a pass button, penetrations and another shoot slide on the screen. To shoot, hold down the shoot key and release it when the point reaches the green area of ? the gauge. This gives you a better chance of scoring two or three points. It’s very basic but it works. Obviously, such simplicity will have a hard time convincing simulation enthusiasts but we should not expect more gameplay on tactile. In addition, artificial intelligence is also used in the minimum service and our teammates sometimes struggle to stand out in order to provoke situations that may be favorable to us. The opponents are also in the wait-and-see attitude and rarely try to counters that would energize a part already short.

nba liveHere, a game boils down to four quarter minutes of 2 small minutes each. Suffice to say that the scores will be difficult to take off and that it will be impossible to achieve results worthy of the official matches. Again, immersion takes a hit. Luckily, NBA Live Mobile saves the bet technically with quality graphics and a rather good atmosphere during matches. But on the whole, it must be admitted that the title is cruelly lacking in depth. It is possible to face other players online but the parties remain clear, without real stakes and too similar to what is offered solo. Especially since the title of EA Sports is harshly barriers imposed by the system Free to play. An endurance gauge clearly spoils the party by preventing several events or games in a row.

You have to wait several minutes before you can play again. It is not ideal to keep in breath especially that the career mode is limited to finishing matches with only reward, obtaining points of experience, gold coins and more rarely card boosters. Gold Coins are an important resource in the game, the player either has to play every level and task or has to use some kind of nba live mobile coins hack from legit websites that offer free coins and stamina for the game lovers.


nba live mobile hackIn the end, NBA Live Mobile is close to the “Ultimate Team” mode that accompanies the eternal FIFA every year. By successfully completing events and winning matches, the player manages to create sets that, once complete, unlock boosters containing new basketball players. A system that has proved itself but which is imposed in this specific case and that does not allow to have a real freedom in the personalization of a team. Even more strange, there are 5 different forces that are proposed.

  1. Versatile
  2. Small Ball
  3. Defensive
  4. Big Man
  5. Shooter

Just before a game, it is up to us to select the most balanced compared to the strength of our opponent. This is a good idea, but it greatly hampers the possibility of making substitute players who are eligible for only one of these categories. It is really the frustration that imposes itself in this title and we must add to this a compulsory internet connection to be able to launch the game in addition to the famous system of endurance which forces us to wait until several minutes

Toy Blast Cheats for PC

Toy Blast is a game of the most complete and fun of blocks of colors in which you will be able to enjoy for hours regardless of your age. It is hilarious and is suitable for all edaes. Do not miss everything you have in Toy Blast!

One of the aspects that we liked most about this game is that it is not like the others in which you play with sweets or candies, but you play with toys of the most varied. The dynamics of the game is the same as in other apps, as are the rules, something that will allow you to enjoy the game from the first moment and without having to learn anything about new rules, etc.

In Toy Blast is part of the entertaining world of Amy to help her collect each of her beautiful toys. It harmonizes with several blocks of the same color to be able to clean the level and to take the toys of the places where they were left. You must be very careful, because picking up the toys is not as simple as it seems, the difficulty lies in the limited amount of movements. By playing this fun game you can practice your skills for puzzle solving, Toy Blast for PC is a game that catches you. Stop breaking diamonds, crushing candies, growing or crunching cookies.

Play Toy Blast on PC

Play Toy Blast for PC and win the smiles of Amy when collecting the most tender toys, use different impellers to combine the cubes of equal color. You will feel that you are part of the game with the spectacular graphics and the original way of playing. There is a new tool fir hacking toy blast, its is known as toy blast cheats. You will find all sorts of beautiful toys like dolls, cars, stuffed animals, rockets, among others. Each level will surprise you with its haunting puzzles.

Throughout the game you will find reinforcements such as drills, vacuum cleaners, brushes, buckets and rotors to support Amy in her goal of collecting each of her detailed and great toys. After you pass each level you will receive bonus bonuses that are unlocked, as well as great rewards.

  • Many levels to overcome
  • Difficulty increasing
  • Same dynamics and rules as the other similar games
  • Very simple to understand and to control
  • For all ages
  • You play with assorted toys
  • Many different enhancers
  • A very intuitive game

Definitely Toy Blast is a fun and very entertaining game, you can spend hours playing to try to master the game that seems quite simple, but has some difficulty that makes it more interesting.

Toy Blast for PC with emulator

You can play on your Toy Blast computer, but before immersing yourself in the funniest puzzle with the game’s original magical reinforcers and powers, First you must choose an Android emulator.

There are several emulators that can be used to simulate the operating system, but today we choose the Andy emulator to share the procedure for installation on the PC, the same process can serve you in case you choose other emulators. Although Andy is not the most popular of all emulators, we chose it for its compatibility and excellent functionality.

Step 1

Download Andyroid, the Android emulator for PC to install it, then from the desktop opens Andy and connects the device with the emulator.

Step 2

Now you must open Play Store, enter the Google ID to register your user.

Step 3

After logging in, use the search bar to locate Toy Blast. Press the installation button to start the download, when the download is finished, press the Toy blast icon to start the playback.

Toy Blast for Windows

It is not possible to play Toy Blast on Windows without installing an emulator on your PC. You can use any Android emulator to enjoy the wonders of Toy Blast, a game full of excellent graphics, break triple combinations of cubes, collect the most varied and detailed toys, You may not be able to dominate the game easily, but you will definitely become addicted to it.

World Chef – Running My Own Restaurant

Today I bring a game for the lovers of the kitchen, for those people who enjoy between stoves more than in a football match or watching a movie, it lands in our devices World Chef. Social Point has been the developer of World Chef and are the main culprits of the vice that I have caught on my phone. Among the cooking games for mobile and TV shows, I have become all a little cooks.

Discovering World Chef

The game is based on running a restaurant, but when I say direct, I say direct, bone, we will have to hire cooks, organize orders, buy decoration, more tables, etc. Our first game at World Chef will start with a modest restaurant, a unique chef and a few tables to make you feel the clietnes.

Shortly after attending our first diners we will rise fast level and we will be able to hire our second cook. During the first games of World Chef we will have to cook fast and level up, think that every time we go up the level we will be able to hire new chefs and place more tables in our living room. This really is what interests, to be able to make more food and to be able to attend to more people.

Fun and with variety

At World Chef we will not get bored doing the same as we will be able to hire a lot of cooks from all over the world. Each cook prepares his own dishes and the older we will have kitchen helpers who will help us prepare ingredients for the dishes of the chefs. An example of kitchen helpers is the kneading knead for burgers, pasta for pizzas and fresh pasta for bolognese pasta.

To the largest of all the nerve center that represents the restaurant, in World Chef we will have the following buildings:

  • The Market: In this building we will buy all our products necessary for the chefs to prepare their dishes.
    The online market: Here we can buy and sell products or dishes already cooked to other World Chef players.
  • A Winegrower: In this great game of cooking for mobile we will not only give the best food to our customers, but we will give them the best wine, and there is no better wine than the one we cultivate ourselves. We will have a plot of land to cultivate the grapes and a building with our own vine grower.
  • An Academy: Our chefs will need to improve their dishes to be more happy to the clientele, because at the academy we will learn new recipes and improve dishes from the menu.
  • A Chillout Zone: A great area to organize events and win great prizes.

As you can see there are endless possibilities in this game and we do not rule out that they include quite a few more since the map of the game is quite extensive. We see in World Chef a worthy rival for Cooking Fever, another great cooking game for mobile.

World Chef Trailer

Let’s review World Chef by categories


All the elements of the game are very well explained, which makes the learning curve perfect. The interface is simple and well structured. If it is true that to get certain improvements we will have to use the diamonds and are not extremely generous with them, rather it is thought that we have to buy gems packs in the Bank of the game, I have to say that I seem a bit expensive, The 50 gems pack for World Chef costs € 1.99.


We enter a section very carefully, all the characters have their own animations. In the case of cooks, while they make their dishes, they perform pirouettes and certain movements that attract a lot of attention and give you some smile. Apart from the animations what are the designs themselves are very successful, you just have to see the trailer to see that the graphic quality is good.


It has very classic melodies that give that feeling of elegance and tranquility that a good restaurant needs. Almost all the elements that are interactive in the game have their own sound effect which fills a lot the game. A job well done.

Final verdict:

Well I do not know what you are waiting to download, if you are lovers of cooking you have no excuse and even less after reading the analysis of World Chef that we just performed. Now seriously, it’s a great cooking game and restaurant management, they manage to entertain and that’s what matters.

Download World Chef for Android and iOS

World Chef Guide

As there is a lot of uncertainty in this issue, we leave the link to our World Chef Vineyard Assistant and ChillOut Assistant. I hope that you help in your games and above all to complete these two achievements that so many have left stuck.

Grand Theft Auto 5 – Tips and Tricks

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most successful game series ever. The fifth part, Grand Theft Auto 5, was officially announced by Rockstar in November 2011. Grand Theft Auto 5 plays in San Andreas and mainly in Los Santos in the present.

GTA 5 will be geared towards its predecessors, in which one has to slip into the role of a character and to carry out assignments. The completely open world is free to explore. As before, cars, motorcycles, boats, airplanes and other vehicles can be steered. The pedestrians also react to the gaming hero either escaping, shocking or declaring themselves to be a fist fight (also with weapons).

Of course, the popular elements from previous GTA games are back. So you can explore the world of the game in Grand Theft Auto V as you like, go through mini-games, enter shops and much more. The story of GTA V is told from the perspective of the three main characters, Trevor, Franklin and Michael, whose roles are alternately slipping.

GTA 5 – Freaks, Ganster and the normal madness

The three embody various facets of the American dream or nightmare. Michael actually did it – since a coup several years ago he can hang around the pool of a luxurious villa and get drunk. But not only is he estranged from his family, he is also simply not happy, his comfortable life change is a fetter for him and does not fulfill him.

Franklin is still at the beginning of his gangster career. As an ambitious and clever boy from the slums, he has the plan to get where Michael is already – whether this is a good idea or not. And Trevor? Well, Trevor is a freak. Too crazy to life, too rare to die. One of those who encounter the world’s spirit sickness with its very own variant of insanity …

The Grand Theft Auto V was released on September 17, 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. At the end of 2014, the game will also appear for the NextGen consoles and the computer.

Tips and Tricks on GTA 5

Redux: Information about the graphics mod and the system requirements

For Grand Theft Auto 5 there are a lot of mods, but Modder’s Redux mod and GTA fan Josh Romito are a very special mod, because it works on the graphics of the action game and makes GTA 5 much more realistic Look more impressive. It is no wonder that GTA players have long awaited the Redux Mod. On 16 September 2016 Redux finally appeared. We will tell you what the Redux-Mod can do and what changes you will have to reckon with the system requirements.

Most loved by the fans and often hated by the game developers: Mods. The so-called mods are modifications that can be integrated into a game in order to modify or rather modify certain processes and to make the game clearer and simpler. Mods are clearly different from cheats. Cheats change the game, but they are so involved in a game that they simplify it so much, until they get an extreme advantage.

In some cases, for the modders, by the way, much goes to the best, namely, when the makers of the games find the cool, what a modder has developed. So already whole extensions for games have been developed solely from what these hobbyists have created. The Redux Mod is now also easily integrated into the game. The only question that arises is whether your PC also understands with Redux.

Players of GTA 5 can download and install Redux for free from the website of the modder Josh Romito. Redux is only for the PC usable and contains so some exciting changes for your game.

The gameplay is also affected. This can be Redux among other things:

  • Weathering system: light and shadow effects have been worked on, so that sunrises and sunsets as well as night and lunch times have been designed more beautifully. By adding new particles, it is now also possible to see subtleties, such as fog, dust or pollen.
  • Shader: A lot has been done in terms of shading and rendering effects. Now you can choose between more than 15 shaders and make your GTA 5 look quite individual. There is even a guide at Redux explaining how to give the game an even more individual look.
  • Textures: advertisements and monitors in stores or bus stops now look much more realistic. Damage textures on vehicles have been refined and explosions as well as physics effects have been extremely embellished.

The GTA 5 is definitely worth the added value of the GTA 5, and it is worthwhile to have a look at the GTA 5 again – even for those who have long since left their fingers off the game. By the way, you can find out more about Redux on the website of Josh Romito and download the mod, of course.

Werewolf (Teen Wolf)

With GTA 5 you can make the streets as a werewolf (The Beast) uncertain. This beast looks similar to the teen wolf from the film of the same name (1985). Before you can play the werewolf, you must unlock it first. This is a bit difficult and needs the help of Bigfoot. You can find out how to get to the GTA 5 Teen Wolf in our guide.

He Beast at GTA 5 is a werewolf that you can find and unlock. But you have to make some preparations. So that you do not miss this elaborate Easter Egg at GTA 5, we will describe you all the steps up to the transformation into the Teen Wolf and tell you what the Bigfoot has to do with it.

GTA 5 – The Beast

With GTA 5 you can become Bigfoot. This is necessary because you can only find the werewolf. In addition, you must have completed the following challenges:

  • Closes GTA 5 to 100%
  • Complete the mission “The Last One” (Strangers & Freaks)
  • Collect all 27 Peyote plants
  • Go for a search for the seven golden peyote plants

Teen Wolf freischalten
After you have collected the last plant, you can not end the transformation in Bigfoot. On the contrary, give your lutes from you and follow the growling of the werewolf. You see several victims on your way and you must follow the tracks of the beast until you have arrived at the aircraft cemetery “Thomson Scrapyard”.

At this point, you will finally find the teen wolf and you have to defeat him now in your bigfoot form. If you succeed, you will be back again and you can now control the werewolf yourself. Go to the Rockstar Editor and select it. Have fun!

Candy Crush Saga – Candies everywhere

Hello Gamers, the game I am going to talk about today is a game well known by all. Who has not seen many people play it in the subway, on the bus, waiting rooms and many more sites? As you see you I will not say much more than this game candy what you know, but being a game with such a long successful Candy Crush Saga had to be on our web.

Whoever has the Xbox 360 recall one that had base for the hard drive that was called Hexic HD you could say it’s like an older version of Candy Crush Saga but with less stuff. Like this game, there are many games to Candy Crush Saga style with much success although they have failed to achieve such fame like this.

Candy Crush

Candy Crush is a game developed by King also known by everyone and has millions of downloads on both iOS and Android.

The dynamics of Candy Crush Saga is simple, board 3 or more candies of the same color or shape and disappear. Do it within limits movement and get through the game. It also offers variants as pumps if they are not eliminated in a limit of movement will make you lose the game, levels against the clock, you must destroy blocks before anything else, etc.

Candy Crush Saga is a game of speed or anything, quite the contrary, is to use all your ingenuity to get all the requirements of level in the fewest possible moves. With each level you do, you’ll have to change your strategy, not worth the same strategy for all levels. There is a hack for candy crush saga which the gamers use to gain unlimited moves on the game. Joins more than three candies and get a special candy, sweet one, which will reach the main objective be much easier.

Candy Crush Saga syncs with your Facebook account and play your games on the computer.

Little tricks to Candy Crush Saga

  • Always avoid movements suggestions offered by the game, almost always they offer you the worst possible move.
  • You should try to destroy the candy first in the order from the bottom up.
  • Remove the edges gelatin levels where there first gelatin. As gelatin edges let her to go, usually nag the game.
  • Get more lives by advancing the clock in your phone, but keep in mind that if you had a waiting time of a few hours and go on ahead the clock, when again delay it play catch again those two hours so this do it before sleeping or when you are going to be a long time without playing.
  • Always try to make special candies and put them together with other special candies and so make combinations.

What both success?

After discussed above, it is normal that we get to the question: If it is a game with a simple dynamic and there are many similar games, why it is so famous and stands out so much about other games? Well apart from the great publicity it has received this game compared to other, Candy Crush Saga follows a small strategies that make it increasingly addictive.

  • The first levels are too easy, which makes achieve our goals quickly and obtain a pleasant feeling of satisfaction. This will cause us to continue causing the game when we face a more difficult level we create able to overcome it and thus creates in us the feeling of being hooked until we get it. After a few difficult levels return a couple of them easy, which makes the game not made heavy and I describe this feeling does not go away. You could say that candy crush makes “us feel good about ourselves
  • The limit of lives although many may seem to them a disappointment, makes requires us to rest a little game and not get tired of it, but at the time we created the need to be willing to spend time waiting to play it new.
  • Use candy, who does not like candy?
  • If the event is bogs you down a level so that other games would end, Candy Crush Saga offers the possibility to skip the level not too high price was given.
  • The sound of the game. It is a pleasant music, which is easily etched in the head.
  • Need of friends for certain levels so that eventually the game ends being in the devices of the people around you and the people around those people … and so on.

Summarizing the analysis of Candy Crush Saga


Suited to the game. With music that takes you into the game sure when you do not play.


It is a game that does not require a lot of graphics because of its simplicity but still care to the smallest detail, just look at the trailer to realize the display that can get to make.